Nrpe on fedora core 1


i have fedora core 1 on 2 of my servers.
i face problem only with these 2 servers
on one it shows me smtp and pop3 down even though they are not


CRITICAL 05-23-2005 00:06:34 0d 0h 54m 5s 3/3 Connection refused

CRITICAL 05-23-2005 00:07:07 3d 0h 50m 38s 3/3 Connection refused

and for load it shows me

CHECK_NRPE: Socket timeout after 10 seconds.

even though load wrks from shell for this server.
is it bcoz os is fedoracore 1.
can anyone help out with this



The os is not the problem. It’s how you have your configurations setup. Connection refused is a hint. For some reason, you are not allowed to connect. So persue that avenue and see what is keeping you out.


Hey thanks i will look into it…but still i am getting same err though all my config looks ok…and it wrks on other servers.
Thanks still i will look into it and will let you know