Nrpe on remote site UNKNOWN: No handler for that command



I have an issue with NRPE plugin, i am located on Israel and i have Nagios server installed on ubuntu 10.4, i have NRPE server installed on it, i have another LINUX machine which is located in the U.S and i installed NRPE plugin on it, i then have few windows servers within that same U.S network i want to monitor, i installed NSclient on few of them and started making tests, my questions are the following:

  • i have no problems running NSclient commands from IL nagios server and it works i want to understand if i can run commands located /usr/local/nagios/libexec/ from the Nagios to monitor the remote windows machines, i find it a bit confusing to confgiure (though i managed to config it to NSclient CheckCPU ETC) can you please help? :cry: