NRPE on Solaris 10 X86


Hi everyone,
I am trying to configure NRPE software on Sun Solaris 10 X86 and I am getting the error:
Checking for SSL headers … Configure Error: Cannot find SSL headers

Am I missing a piece of software?

Thank you


I am having the same problem myself, I am pretty sure it will work if you configure nrpe again without ssl, but I forgot the command for it. It is something like:

I am still googling it for the answer, I will let you what I get as soon as I find something.



I found the answer on the German Nagios forums… run the following command and you should be alright:

Let me know how it goes!!!

[EDIT: The thing is, I know that NRPE normally uses SSL. So I am sure how it will work without or weather or not there will be problems without the use of SSL.]


It will work but I seem to remember that you will need to use a specific flag in check_nrpe2 to disable the encryption.

Now I strongly advice you to install openssl instead, and compile it with encryption. you can probably find a binary package on



The thing is, I would like to use the SSL encryption if possible. But I always get that error concernging the ssl headers. Is there a way to configure NRPE so that ssl encryption will be included in the installation? What is required in order to have ssl encryption on a stand alond NRPE system on a remoter server (from my understanding just the NRPE system needs to be present, but that doesnt work alone because of the error)?


I posted this on the German Nagios Forums and was told to install “openssl-devel” and it worked like a charm after I installed it!!! :smiley: