NRPE on Windows?

[EDIT]Checked out and found what I was looking for. Mod can delete thread if desired.
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Thats not very helpful to the rest of us… :wink:

Hah, sorry…was just looking for the NRPE daemon for Windows. It’s called NRPE_NT, and you can find it and the plugins for it at

I’ll probably be setting that up myself eventually.
On your other post, the backslashes are stripped, unless you add an extra one, or some such nonsense. Makes posting code and config files in this forum impossible and irritating
Ex (if this works)
Here are 3 backslashes

WOW! only one showed up…on the preview, it showed all three.
I really think someone should fix that :?
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Yeah…I wonder if that has anything to do with HTML tags or something (not that I know much about HTML at all), since it uses slashes for formatting and whatnot.