when I do the ./configure for NRPE is does everything up until the last check. It gives the result that the ssl library cannot be found. Do I have to download that separately and where would I get it from? Also when I try to use check_ssh it says connection refused. Why is that? there is no firewall between the two machines. I need someway to say check_disk on a remote machine, but so far it hasn’t been going well and tomorrow midday is my dead line please HELP? :?: I think maybe the plugins need more documentation.
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Try configuring the nagios plugins with ssl support…if still you get error ,then on command prompt type openssl version
see what output you get.if you get the ver then ssl is installed if it shows error then install the ssl on your server.

for check_disk you can do it with check_nrpe.
no need to go with check_ssh


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