NSCA not very optimised: need to send OK status?


Hello Guys,

one quick question about NSCA
I have several nagios server in a Distributed Server Configuration mode.
That’s work great there is no problems.
But in fact I can’t understand why the remote server need to send ALL the checks results to the main server through nsca.
No so good for the network and the bandwidth :frowning:

It’s possible to improve the service_submit_check_result (for exemple) to:

  • call send_nsca only if status is NOT OK.
  • or call send_nsca only if status is OK and previous status was NOT OK.

Anybody already tried this?

Thanks a lot


In the same line i have question.
Exist anay way to perform a UNIQUE SERVICE CHECK or a SERVICE CHECK for certain HOSTS ( I mean NOT ALL HOSTS ).
I am only inteterest on one or two host of whole group that the distributed nagios is monitoring.

I have tried with:
editing command.cfg
editing submit_check_result

But no success.

Any sugestion would be apreciated.