NSCA passive checks as errors

Hello all.
New to NSCA and i was puzzled by the fact that disabled active checks appear as errors on the tactical overview… is this standard or is it my nuvola theme which messed up the CSS?

I mean, having the passive checks running i would like to have my overview completely green… not with some red in it…

How should i explain my (l)users that THAT red is no alert… too confusing for them… :smiley:

Thanks, Luca

Hm…I’ve got two Nagios installs, one with the default web interface and the second with Nuvola. Both use the RED status bar when I’ve disabled active checks on a service…

so it is normal…
Ok have to check the CSS an turn them green… :smiley:
If aybody is interested i’ll post the mod here.


already got it… quite easy this one…
in tac.css just move
to the block above where it’s located now.

Now disabled active service checks remain green.