NSCA Problems


Hey Guys.
I’m trying to set up a Distributed system and having huge problems with getting the checks through.

On the master server - I’m running the nsca daemon through inet and its starting the daemon correctly as I can se using netstat .

From the secondary machine I can telnet to the NSCA daemon and can also manually send the package succesfully like this:

/usr/local/nagios/libexec/eventhandlers/submit_check_result atlantis simap UP OK
1 data packet(s) sent to host successfully.
and telnet looks like this: 
# telnet nagios.insatech.com 5667
Connected to nagios.insatech.com.
Escape character is '^]'.
Incorrect command line arguments supplied

NSCA - Nagios Service Check Acceptor
Copyright (c) 2000-2007 Ethan Galstad (www.nagios.org)
Version: 2.7.2
Last Modified: 07-03-2007
License: GPL v2
Encryption Routines: AVAILABLE

Usage: -c -c <config_file> [mode]

 <config_file> = Name of config file to use
 [mode]        = Determines how NSCA should run. Valid modes:
   --inetd     = Run as a service under inetd or xinetd
   --daemon    = Run as a standalone multi-process daemon
   --single    = Run as a standalone single-process daemon (default)

This program is designed to accept passive check results from
remote hosts that use the send_nsca utility.  Can run as a service
under inetd or xinetd (read the docs for info on this), or as a
standalone daemon.

Connection closed by foreign host.

So what can be the problem here. I’ve double checked the send_nsca.cfg and nsca.cfg several times and checked for passwd.

On the masterserver - The host just keep showing depending - but check results looks like it’s only checking active - and for that reason sure the servers are down.
But the configuration on the masterserver for those hosts are:

Hostdefination over the monitoring servers outside
define host{
	name			generic-passive-host
#        check_command           check-host-alive
        max_check_attempts      60
        check_period            24x7
	contact_groups          admins
        notification_interval   0
        notification_period     24x7
        notification_options    d,u,r
	active_checks_enabled	0
	passive_checks_enabled	1
	obsess_over_host	1
	check_freshness		1
	freshness_threshold	1200
	register                0

And the check for services:
define service{
	register			0
	name      	                generic-passive-service
        service_description             Check
        check_command                   check_ssh
        max_check_attempts              4
        normal_check_interval           5
        retry_check_interval            1
        check_period                    24x7
        notification_interval           960
        notification_period             24x7
        notification_options            c,r,w
        contact_groups                  admins
	active_checks_enabled		0
	passive_checks_enabled		1
        check_freshness                 1
        freshness_threshold             900

But in /usr/local/nagios/var/nagios.log or -/rw/nagios.cmd aren’t there any clue for these connections. So what Am I doing wrong here ? Since It’s showing its working and aren’t at all