NSClient Check NT MSSQL Counters


I have NSCLIENT++ install on MSSQL 2000 server. When I run ./check_nt -H ServerName -p 1248 -v COUNTER -l ‘\SQLServer:Databases(Database1)\Data File(s) Size (K:roll:’ I keep getting a value of zero.

In the MSC.log I found:
01.10.2008 10:48:02: debug:.\NSClient++.cpp:353: Injecting: checkCounter: \SQLServer:Databases(VCD:roll:\Data File(s) Size (K:roll:, nsclient
01.10.2008 10:48:02: debug:.\NSClient++.cpp:373: Injected Result: UNKNOWN – Unknown argument: \SQLServer

When I check an other performance object without a colon like: ./check_nt -H ServerName -p 1248 -v COUNTER -l ‘\Memory\Pages/sec’ then it works.

Has anyone had problems with NSCLIENT monitoring the windows MSSQL performance counters?