NSclient++ issue "socket .h<***> bind failed


I had installed NSClient++ in my window server 2003. After installed and configured the ini. file and ran a test, i got following errors as shown in the attachment.

Please advise what is the error and how to fix it. I am novice in Nagios. Thanks.


as it says on your screenshot, you are running nsclient in test mode while the service is already running.
“This is probably not a good idea”


I got another window 2003 server which is work in nagios although it had these error message.
Today i found this error message "2011-05-18 09:51:17: message:NSClient++.cpp:1157: No handler for command: 'check_evntlog_app’
Could you please advise which part i had configured wrongly.


i had solved this issue by uninstalling the nsclient and reinstalled back and put in nsclient password solved the issue.