NSClient - PDH Collection thread not running


Hello my name is Justin. First time poster, long time reader.

I’ve been using nagios for about a year and we are going to be doing a major remake of the whole system. We are thinking of getting away from using WSC in favor of NSClent++ for monitoring windows. I’m going my testing of the client on a windows 2003 box and the server is freebsd 6. Here are my tests and their outcome.

servername:/usr/local/libexec/nagios#./check_nt -H -s test -p 12489 -v USEDDISKSPACE -l f -w 80 -c 90
f:\ - total: 5332.39 Gb - used: 5203.15 Gb (98%) - free 129.25 Gb (2%) | ‘f:\ Used Space’=5203.15Gb;4265.91;4799.15;0.00;5332.39

servername:/usr/local/libexec/nagios# ./check_nt -H -s test -p 12489 -v CPULOAD -l 5,80,90
NSClient - ERROR: PDH Collection thread not running.

I get the error on memory checks as well.
I found one other person with this PDH error on the german list but there was no answer on how to fix it.
Thanks for any help or ideas you can give me.


i have the same problem here i think it is on the windows language because i have one pc on english and it works and the others are im portuguese and give me that error :expressionless: i trying to modify the counters but i dont know if that is the error


I had problems getting NSClient++ to work with nagios. I finally figured out that the problem was with the npre and nsclient settings in the nsc.ini file. make sure that you have the proper options enabled in the config file, set the allowed host, enable the ports and make sure if you have a firewall you can communicate through that port.