Ok, all set up


and my boss likes it

He asked me to make it so that it would back up to the company terabyte server now too. Can I do this (where are all the files stored, will it work if I put the files back after a failure, and are there any automated ways of doing this that I don’t have to write myself)?


He wants you to backup to another server. What I read from this, it sounds like you could just do a copy of the nagios directory nightly. scp(Secure Shell Copy, like SSH)would work wouldn’t it?

The way I do it is this. I have nagios installed on what we can call a Central server and it’s using a mysql database with Apache web server. I don’t want to lose any of that information, or any of the config files. So, I also have a mysql slave server running, with apache also. I do an rdist nightly to backup the files, and the mysql slave keeps the database in sync at all times.


that sounds good except the backup server is running IIS (on windows 2003) so installing Apache on it isn’t a high priority. The way I understand it I need to back up the cfg files, log files, and the database (and I should be able to simply copy these through secure shell every hour, as that is what our company does), but to do this I need to be able to save the database.

In other words I need to copy /etc/nagios/* and /var/log/nagios/* then if I needed to fix after a failure I could copy those directories back and I would not have lost any information. Are those the only 2 directories that have information that I need in them or is there a third (or more)?


Those should do it.