One more time interval for CPU Load Avg


Hi guys.

So, by default for SNMP request for CPU Load Avg. Nagios sending SNMP requests and then generating alerts according to the middle count for 1 minute, for 5 minutes, for 15 minutes.

Could someone please help me.
How I can configure Nagios for generating alerts only when cpu load avg > some threshold only during 30 Minutes, not for 1,5,15 minutes.

Thank you in advanced.


use the 15 minutes load and have check interval set at 5 minutes, retry interval 5 minutes, max_check_atempts 4: this should send the first notification after 30 minutes… not the same… but i think it should give the right result… :slight_smile:


Thanks very much for this idea.
But I didn’t get it al all.

So, for cpu process I am using the following command:
check_command check_linux_load!netsl!100,9,9!100,100,100

And for this host I am using:
max_check_attempts 3

So, consequently I will receive alert if the threshold will be > 3 after 3*5=15 minutes

But if I want to get it after 30 minutes I need to set max_check to 6,
why you offered to set max_check to 4? because it will be 4*5=20 not 30

Thank you in advanced.


if you are using load 15 you already have a high load for the last 15 minutes… just make out your math and decide how to make it :slight_smile:


ohh, i am confused finally
could you please show how it should be look for last 30 minutes for these commands:

check_command check_linux_load!netsl!???,???,???!???,???,???
max_check_attempts ???

check_command check_linux_load!netsl!100,9!,100,100
max_check_attempts 6

or I am wrong?


i don’t know how the command you are using works…

try running it from command line with the --help switch… that should give you enough info.
Keep in mind that linux load does not use percents. for more info see this article as a start: