Only one notification for problems and one for everything ok



First: I have tried the search, but for all words that make sense to me I get the following error message: “The following words are ignored: only one notification” - so please don’t tell me to use the search or if, tell me which words I can use :wink:

My problem (must be a very common one?):

I want to get exactly one notification if the first service goes bad and exactly one notification when all services are ok.

Usage: physical host with virtual hosts and lots of services. I don’t want to be spammed with hundrets of SMS when the physical host goes down (or the connection to the host fails.

Shouldn’t bu so uncommon?

Thank you very much in advance!



if the host goes down you should be receiving only a notification for host down… not for each service…
what are you getting? service down? or unknown? if it’s unknown you may wnat to remove it from the notification options for the service. … ml#service



Thank you for your fast response!

Hey, you are right with the services! No idea what I did to my last configuration, but the services are monitored they should.

However, if I have the following status map:

and the gateway goes down, I get notifications for all hosts (phys. and virt.) - do I have a wrong configuration (the status map shows the dependencies correct)?


take the u option out of the hosts notifgication options… (in this case it’s unreachable) :wink:


Great! Thanks!!!