Oreon Project!


Oreon is a project created by five students. Once finished, this project will include all Nagios’s modules, installation modules and configuration modules.

Aim’s project is to propose a network monitoring system with easily installation and more simple. This nameless project is now called Oreon. In network monitoring’s domain, Nagios is very useful. That’s why we will keep it and add a plain new interface to it because the nagios’s one is complex.

Oreon will work under Linux. Nagios belongs to OpenSource community, and it is intended to this community (most of them are programmers). Freewares found in OpenSource are hard to use and to parameter and we want Oreon to be a freeware for simple users.

Related problems :

  • Nagios needs others freeware to work. Simple user will be more often lost because of dependencies.

  • Once Nagios is installed, it needs to be configured : it’s very hard and long. All informations should be kept in configuration files.

  • Storing informations can also be done in database. It’s a best solution to manage data. This is easier to exchange data.

OREON’s offer :

  • Nagios needs others freeware to work. Oreon’s installation will verify dependencies at first automatically.

  • A scaled view of the network and recognization of most of network pieces. User’s job will be to select which network equipment should be monitored and what kind of event will become alert.



For anyone interested in where this went: Apparently their URL changed to http://www.oreon-project.org/ after a while, and later on they changed their name to Centreon.
Centreon is still alive and kicking: http://www.centreon.com/Content-Company/about-us-company