Organizing Host group overview

Hello all!

New to the list, and I hope I didn’t miss if this was brought up before (scaned archive).

I am currently attempting to organize my host group overview list to something that makes more sense.
url example: ](http://)/nagios/cgi-bin/status.cgi?hostgroup=all&style=overview

IE I want HostGroup1; HostGroup2; … HostGroupN listed in a specific order.

Is there anyway to set this up in nagios2.0?

I’ve tried renaming my Hostgroup aliases to ‘# HostGroup’ but it did nothing to the list.

Just wondering how the CGI decides to sort the hostgroups since my coffee intake isn’t enough to figure it out…

Just trying to save myself the effort to DIG into a CGI script…

Please let me know if the above info is not clear or confusing.


Config layout:
Figure this may have some impact to to the way information is displayed.

Perhaps this overly complicated, but makes sense in my tiny head atm.

My config layout is as follows since I am on a large/medium sized network:

Standard nagios.cfg files, command files etc, HOWEVER my host definitions are ‘non-standard’

In the nagios.cfg file I use the following statements:


Contents of the /home/nagios/conf.d/<SUPPORT_GROUP_X> directory

hostlist.cfg # definition of hostgroup, and definition of all hosts this support group supports
.cfg # Service definitions per each host

Nagios will show both alias and hostgroup_name, but hostgroup_name is in () and Nagios GUI sort the groups according th hostgroup_name but not alias

define hostgroup{
hostgroup_name Hostgroup_1
alias Alias_2
members host_1
define hostgroup{
hostgroup_name Hostgroup_2
alias Alias_1
members host_2

GUI will show this order:


I should have played with it more myself.