Overlapping Address Domains

Does anyone know if Nagios can handle overlapping address domains ? As an example, I have one set of 192.168.5.x addresses on one side of a firewall and the same addresses in use on the other end.

NAT is running between the two networks, but all SNMP data will reflect the true ip address and possibly corrupt a database. This is a real problem with out network right now on our current monitoring platform.

Thanks !

If you can ping both, then it should work. But I don’t see how you can ping 2 devices with the same IP addy.

ICMP works because the address is translated into a non-overlapping address on the side with an NMS. However, any SNMP gets will dump the overlapping info. How much does Nagios depend on the info from the SNMP gets for monitoring ? If it does not, then the ping issue is not really a problem with the translated address.

I use snmp alot, but many don’t use it at all. Depends on what you need to monitor I suppose.

As far as I’ve ever seen, SNMP doesn’t factor into nagios as a monitoring requirement. You define the hosts as DNS or IP addresses in the config files, but you’d use the NAT entries there, so that’s not an issue if you are already able to ping. The service checks will use the IP/DNS entry as defined by the host object so you should be ok if you document what’s what for the display.