OVF/OVA supported by KVM?


Hi all,

I have some knowledge about VMware solutions, Citrix solutions and VirtualBox.
To change, I try KVM to learn more about virtualization and I have some questions.

Does OVF/OVA format in supported by KVM ?
If not, is there a feature request about this support to KVM developpers ?

Is there a High Availability feature between two or more KVM servers ?
Is there a Load Balancing feature between KVM servers in order to get the same charge of each one ?

Thanks for answers



I have experience of HA with KVM so I may be able the help there.

Usually it’s done by another package (linux heartbeat) which transfers roles back and forth in the event of a failure (it can be used for all sorts of things including VMs). AFAIK there is no live failover support though most are looking to the developers of Kemari and Remus (which are Xen failover packages) for a KVM solution.

KVM does, however, support live migration between hosts.