Ownership and notifications


I’m setting up monitoring for a remote location. I would like to limit what they can see to only their devices. Normally I create two contacts for each admin. The first contact matches their login name, and sends notification emails through the internal email system. The second user contact is for sending email to SMS text messages for email server notifications. If the email server is down, the internal email server can’t send notifications right?

The admins at corporate are configured so see all services and hosts. The remote users like to send us emails when something is down at corporate, thus the reason for limiting what they can see in Nagios. Since the primary contact record matches their assigned Nagios login name, they can only see the non-email servers. Is there a way to setup their account(s) so they can also see the email server and still get both times of messaging?

As an exmaple, I set them up this way:

nagios username: remoteuser
contact1: remoteuser
group1: remotesite-admin
contact2: sms_remoteuser
group2: remotesite-admin_sms

I set the regular servers to use remotesite-admin as the contact group. The remotesite-admin_sms is the contact group for the email server. Because of that, the remote admin cannot see the email server when they login to Nagios.

I also do not want to send SMS text messages for all notifications to keep costs down.