Parent/child relationships in failover configuration


Hello- I was wondering if anyone else had a solution to this problem. I have three Nagios servers at different locations. Two are always live, the third is on standby with notifications turned off. For each I have to modify the parent/child relationships to match the physical network architecture.

What I’m doing right now is I’ve isolated those hosts to a separate config file, and I then can copy over all the other config files for monitored hosts from the master Nagios installation. This way I can make changes at the master and use a script to replicate those files to the other two servers. The unique config file at each site defines the parent child relationships from the perspective of that server… for example, the master is at our data center, the secondaries are on remote DSL connections).

Ideally the way to do it would be to use the server name as a variable to add IF THEN blocks to each config file, to define the parent router or switch for each location.

Any suggestions for a better method?