Parent Relationship Concept


I think I am a little unclear on the parent relationship concept. I am getting a bunch of errors in my config files when I create the parent relationship stating "Error: ‘’ is not a valid parent for host '!. 193 is the gateway for this subnet. I nave 25 or so hosts in the IP range 172.2 .0 195 to 235 all with the parent Nagios does not like this parent ID. Can anyone tell me why? 193 is a switch isolating this segment. I have a different parent (next switch up) on the 193 host entry.




Self Bump - anybody have an idea on this? I am really stuck on this issue and past deadlines on getting this server implemented. I really appreciate any help I can get.



To post a belated answer, try retyping the line. I have seen this pop up, and retyping the line cured it. Maybe there was a space or junk character in the line somehow.