Particular process monitoring


Hello to the Nagios community,

I just join you and am very pleased to once again use a new open source tool.
I currently have a Linux server nagios.3.2.0 which does basic things and monitores 2 servers on windows server 2003.
I am asking for your help because because I’d like to monitor in real time and save performance metrics variation(CPU, MEM Vive MeM JVM …)of several processes as mysqld.exe, java.exe … My question is: Is it possible to do it with Nagios? If yes how ? Which plugin ? Can you refer me to documentations or tutorials ? Considering that those “charts” can not be generated natively by Nagios, I also installed Cacti but I do not know if that is enough. I saw on several sites that there is plugin which could make the connection between the two but do I have to do that in my case ?

Thank you for your time and participation.


Thomas R


Someone to help me please ?


if you need the graphs you are better off with cacti, nagios is better at alerting if something is beyond some critical threshold.

Personally if you are not going to monitor hundreds of servers i’d have nagios and cacti run their checks separately. Less problems when updating one or the other software :slight_smile: