Perfdata'output = $


Hi ,
I have a new problem :smiley:
I use perf_data but I have on the output file (serviceperfdata.out)
something like :
$ local PING OK $ $
$ local PING OK $ $
The first $ corresponds to $LASTCHECK$
So, the variable $LASTCHECK$ is egal to $ . Why :?:


Dunno exactly, but check your syntax. Maybe you missed a |!!| or something. This is in my misccommands.cfg for the perf command definition…

/usr/local/nagios/nagiostat/nagiostat -p “$LASTCHECK$|!!|$HOSTNAME$|!!|$SERVICEDESC$|!!|$SERVICESTATE$|!!|$OUTPUT$|!!|$PERFDATA$”


Thanks jakkedup.
I found the problem : LASTCHECK has to be replaced by LASTSERVICECHECK.