Performance data monitoring for Windows


I have posted to the email listserv on this topic with little help. I need to monitor other windows services, and do not just want a running / stopped state, but would also like to know memory usage, CPU usage, et cetera. I am using NSClient and the following works fine from the nagios server terminal:

check_nt -H -p 12489 -v COUNTER -l “Process(Outlook)\Working Set” (for example)

But how can I program / get the return to the GUI (web interface)? This returns the correct memory amount in bytes, but with the check_nt!COUNTER! in service command for the GUI, I just get a return of 0.

Any and all help is MUCH appreciated.



One thought might be the use of the \ character in the check command which might be being interpreted as escaping the following ( and W in your example. You might try doubling up the backslash to, er, escape the escape character… like

“Process\(Outlook)\Working Set”




That doesn’t work. Within the windows.cfg file I have the following for check_command:

check_nt!COUNTER!-l “Process(Outlook)\Working Set”

I tried with the two slashes for escaping the char, but no go. :frowning:


Well it was a complete guess on my part anyway… according to check_nt --help, the syntax is -l “\\counter”,"

[blockquote] COUNTER =
Check any performance counter of Windows NT/2000.
Request a -l parameters with the following syntax:
-l “\\counter”,"
The parameter is optional and is given to a printf
output command which requires a float parameter.
If does not include “%%”, it is used as a label[/blockquote]

Afraid I don’t run any check_nt here at present else I could be a bit more help…


I figured it out…it was a typo on my part :x
"\Process(Outlook)\Working Set"
"\Process(Outlook)\Working Set"

Notice the extra slash I had put in
Hopefully this will help others. In case others are looking around, I will post here for performance list:
from windows box: “NSClient++ CheckSystem listpdh” and that will dump the available performance counters (thanks to James Whittington from

regards all…and thank you so much for your assistance!