Performance data not showing up?


I am using Nagios 2.0b1 and I have configured with defaults PLUS --with-default-perfdata.

in nagios.cfg I have:
process_performance_data=1 AND

And in misccomands.cfg I have:
define command{
command_name process-service-perfdata
command_line /usr/bin/printf “%b” “$TIMET$\t$HOSTNAME$\t$SERVICEDESC$\t$OUTPUT$\t$SERVICESTATE$\t$PERFDATA$\n”


When I tail that file, the $OUTPUT$ macro and $PERFDATA$ macro are giving me only a “$”

e.g. 1118336588 emailreceipts C-DRIVE $ OK $

On nagios itself, I get "status information:
Disk ok - 28.19G (81%) free on \\C$

But under Perfdata it is also blank.

Can someone suggest what I might be doing wrong???