Anyone currently using perfparse? I’ve got it working for a single local check (check_load) but check_nt still refusing to play ball. Also has anyone got compiled Solaris 8 version of the 1.4 plugins? - save me installing gcc on one of the test Soalris boxes :wink:




I have Nagios2/plugins1.4 on Solaris 8…



Luca - when you get a spare second would you mind mailing me the Solaris 8 compiled plugins. I’m waiting on a gcc download and this would speed things up a lot.




not sure if it helps you…
if you made nagios on the machine you should be able to “make” the plugins too :slight_smile:
anyway check my contact info so we try to get the fiels through…
I’ll be in office until 1700GMT then it’s weekend again, i’ll try to get a gzipped copy of the plugins on my laptop anyway so just try to contact me via one of the messengers :wink:



Nagios is running on my Slackware 9 box but I’m monitoring about 15 Solaris 8 boxes from it. As none of the solaris boxes have a c comipler, I downloaded a 1.3 precompiled plugins package. Really I’m just being a bit lazy - I should sort out gcc on one of the Solaris boxes…don’t worry about it - I’ll sort the compiler.


the plugins would run on the slackware box. Why would you need it compiled on solaris? getting me curious :slight_smile:


If you use nrpe you have to have the plugin on the remote machine as well… It works really well but is a bit of a pain to set up in the first place.


If I"m not mistaken, perfparse only uses the perf output of a check command, but nagiostat will use both perf or standard output. Most plugins don’t output perf data yet.