Perl Plugins not working since upgrade to 2.6


Hi all

Hope someone out there can help me with this problem - I have been banging my head against it for several days with no luck…

I updated my Nagios version from 1.2 to 2.6 and now none of the plugins written in perl work. I have tried adding print lines to a couple that would write to a file if the plgin (check_ifstatus in this case) was called, but nothing ever gets written, although the plugin works fine if ran by hand. Another odd thing is that the “Last Check” time on the nagios web page for this service never updates.

Any ideas?


In never updates the time it ran, because it hasn’t been run since…whenever. It’s orphaned. See the nagios docs on how to configure nagios.cfg for orphan checking.

Perhaps reinstall nagios with built in perl might help. See ./configure --help for more info.