Ping Plugin timed out after 10 seconds (NSCA setup)


I am just completely lost with this.

The current setup consists of the central server, monitoring itself and another network. We have placed a box outside of our own network and have NSCA send in commands. This part works, and I can see the HOST and SERVICE checks coming in via the /var/log/messages. Now, I have the main central server refresh its pages at 10 seconds, and randomly I get a “CRITICAL - Plugin timed out after 10 seconds”. Not only do I have passive only on those boxes, but it is sending packets of OK every 10 seconds or so. If anything, it should be saying that the service is stale, not the plugin timing out. It just does not make any sense. Any ideas? It’s destroying our email at the current moment, so any quick help would be awesome. Thanks.

Current setup:
FreeBSD 6.2 on both servers
Nagios 2.9 via Ports
Nagios Plugins 1.4.9