Ping scripting help needed


Hi, I’m currently using Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 and I’ve installed and configured nagios on 1 of my servers. I have a problem in coming up with a script for a scenario and I hope somebody here can help me.

Assuming I have 2 servers, both running Nagios.Let’s call them ServerA and ServerB. Both of them are initially configured in such a way that when they boot up, 3 redhat cluster services will be started : ccsd, cman and rgmanager.

I need to configure Nagios in such a way that in the situation that when ServerA is up and running the 3 services and ServerB boots up, the 3 services on ServerB will be disabled at bootup (in other words, let ServerB boot up without starting the 3 services). My concern is that I do not want more than 1 instance of the services being started up.

Can Nagios be configured to accomplish this? I’ve already configure Nagios as a bootup service for Linux already. Thanks in advance for any help.