Planning & Designing Nagios Monitoring System


We have multiple sites, one in USA with 100 Hosts, One in Europe approx 150 hosts & one in India with 100 hosts.
All sites are interconnected. We are planning to implement Nagios monitoring system for all locations.

1 Can some one suggest me whether to go for only one Nagios server at main site and monitor other site hosts & services over WAN OR should we plan distributed architecture (Central & Local Nagios servers).

  1. Also I would like to know server hardware requirements for Nagios servers (Central & Local).
  2. How much will be network load if we decide to monitor all sites over WAN ?

Please suggest. Thanks in advance.



well, from what I’ve learned from my experience, I’d say you should just set up 3 independant local nagios servers, for different reasons:
-logical: you’ll have 1 web interface per site, meaning that if an alarm pops up, you’ll immediately know which site is concerned; it is much easier than having to view the details of an alarm to determine where it is located
-network traffic and dependance: nagios won’t overload your network: with only 500hosts, it shouldn’t create a lot of network traffic, but still … it is better to avoid it :slight_smile: And more than that, with this kind of distances between your sites, you’ll be too much dependable on network latencies, network packet loss, network delays …etc which willl create false alerts.
-with 3 different nagios servers, you’ll better be able to manage an increase in hosts/services monitored

still, there are some drawbacks:
-3 servers to manage, instead of one
-more chances for a crash to occur…but wit less impact

hope this helps a little bit;
sorry I didn’t come up with more figures, but I can’t :slight_smile:
as for the hardware requirements, I hope someone will be able to help you ^^


Thank You.