Plugin for Firewall - link state



im looking for a Plugin with witch i can monitor a Firewall (UTM-1 Edge X).
I have tried with the Plugin “check_snmp_cpfw” but this Plugin is not made for my model so i cant use.
Somebody knows how can i monitor if the ports and the firewall is link state up or down??
Thanks for any answer.


Find the MIB file for your device and then use the regular SNMP check and specify what you want to check. Not sure on any specific model but here are some other ways. Monitor the link state of the port firewall is plugged into on the other side. Monitor the IPs of each interface if they have their own IPs.

Even with out the MIB file, if you can find out the OID you can use that too. Should be in a format that looks like this. <- this will not be it :smiley:


HI Thankfor your answer.

Now I can monitor the ports with the plugin

Another question, zou know how can I check the Ram usage of my checkpoint?
I have tried to use check_snmp_mem( but i get the error message "netsnmp: Received nosuchname(2) error status at error-index 5 ??


That check probably doesn’t support your device. Try doing and snmpwalk on the device and searching for memory values. This will give you the OID you can use with check_snmp which should be included by default with your nagios-plugins.

snmpwalk -c public -v 2c device_ip
search output for memory

check_snmp -H device_ip -o id from above -w range -c range -C public -m mibs

Your community may not be public but you should have gotten it from the other SNMP command you ran. You might also need to specify the MIB file when doing the nagios snmp check.