Plugin output being tuncated


I’ve made plugin with different perfdata output for network interfaces and sumbled upon some limit on plugin output being truncated.
How can i increase this limit?



nagios clips plugin result output at around 332 characters. This is annoying and small. Any compile options or anything to let nagios handle more output? the net seems to be barren of this info…

#3 … ?

alrighty so in include/objects.h raise the #define MAX_PLUGINOUTPUT_LENGTH to what you want.
Recompiling is a pain (especially if you just installed from rpm instead).
looks like nagios 3.x supports up to 4KB of output, along with multi-line.


…depending on your platform, this may not work for you.

For instance, on Solaris 9 and nagios 2.9 if you change MAX_PLUGINOUTPUT_LENGTH to 1028, recompile and then run the nagios config verify (i.e. nagios -v ) the following warning comes up:

Warning: Size of service_message struct (1192 bytes) is > POSIX-guaranteed atomic write size (512 bytes). Service checks results may get lost or mangled!

…in this case I recommend keeping the original value of 332.