Plugins which list out all network device


Dear all,

First of all, i’m new to this, Currently i’m looking for a plugins which ever list down all the network component in a network like OS (windows/Linux), ipphone, printers, etc. better if it could show those informations in a map. I need it just as simple as justifying network component and record its IP address. Could anyone guide me on this? SNMP plugins could to the job?

Besides, i have read through NRPE plugin, i’m wondering it only able to monitor linux machine? how about windows OS? By the way, i’m running nagios 3.2.3 on ubuntu 9.04.

Million thanks in advance… :oops:


i could use some advice please… :expressionless:


nobody… :frowning:


nagios shouldn’t do discovery of devices in my opinion…
have a look at nmap


Thanks for your reply luca, If i’m not mistaken nmap only works on a single PC at a time… how about network scanning for network device? Nagios Snmp could do that?

Please correct me, if i’m wrong… Thanks… :slight_smile:


You can run nmap on a whole network… just try it.


Thanks Luca, will definitely try it out…