Png to gd2 convert - doesn't work


I converted one of my pictures from png to gd2 for usig it in “Nagios->Status map” in web. I converted it with PNGTOGD2 and ImageMagick, but none of them converted it so I could use it. All other gd2 pictures, that came along with the Nagios are functioning perfectly. Can someone help me, how to convert or is there anywhere else the problem???




I had the similar problem. I tried to put my pictures in status map also (although they were in gif format), and figured out there was a problem in a path where I’ve put my pictures. Put them where is defined by the configuration in cgi.cfg under “physical html path”. And if you put them where is defined, but with one directory deeper (in your specific directory), then in hostextinfo.cfg you shoud define the path like this:
I don’t think it is a converter problem, althogh you could try the gif images if everything else fails.