pNSClient - XP / 2000 Pro



Anybody here run this client on those OS without problems ?

I don’t know why but I can’t get the MEM USAGE and UPTIME values from both type of machines.


using it on a 2003 server for mem usage.
check the performance monitor for the correct strings to use.

And have a search on the forum there were some problems with naes contianing spaces or backslashes if i remember right.



I can’t do this.

Today 11 of my 142 servers are running Windows Professional 2000 and I have 2 others running XP. I can’t upgrade those machines.

Anyone here knows any other nagios client for windows that can gimme MEM USAGE and UPTIME values at those 13 servers ?

Or there anyway to get it through pNSClient ?


I just said i am using on a 2003 server…
i didn’t say it can’t be used on 2000 or XP.

By the way 2000server works for sure too.

Just try…



yeah I know, both commands works very well on all my windows 2000 Servers.

I am just looking for some “work around” in XP and 2K Pro SO’s.


oh… pro versions? i don’t even know if you can get anything out of them… is the performance monitor available? can’t check now… if yes then it SHOUD work with those values… if not check if you can install microsft SNMP and find yourself a workaround this way…