Popular agents/clients for windows server 2003 32 bit



I wanted to know what are the popular agents/clients for windows server 2003 32 bit. (with/without sp1)
I found 2 clients so far:

Windows monitoring agent for nagios. performas both Passive and active checks, as well as WMI checks, and external script running.
Full local or remote configuration. Uses Net Framework 2.0

NSClient++ is a windows service that allows performance metrics to be gathered by Nagios (and possibly other monitoring tools).
It is an attempt to create a NSClient and NRPE compatible but yet extendable performance service for windows.

What would you recommend to use with Windows Server 2003?

Btw, I found the following thread regarding 64 bit:
meulie.net/portal_plugins/fo … 11747.post

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I don’t know nc-net, but I’ve already used NSC++, which is a really good client.
I’ve installed it a quite a few windows installations (XP, 2000, 2003) with different releases, and it has almost always worked directly (note the “almost”, as we are talking about windows ;)).

So go for NSC++:)