Ports used in Nagios infrastructure



I’m trying to find out all the ports used by Nagios infrastructure components in a distributed architecture. The idea is to identify the firewall changes required for the implementation. As per documentation and information on web I notice the following ports. Please let me know if I missed anything

Port 80 for Console Access on Primary Nagios server (including web server)
Port 5667 for NSCA on Primary Nagios server
Port 12489 on Windows clients for NSClient++
Port 5666 on Linux clients for NRPE daemon

Is there any other port on the Primary Nagios server which is listening for reports from clients?
Also, is there any port opening required for any port on the distributed Nagios server which sends reports to the Primary Nagios server.

Thanks in advance


Port 5667 NSCA is used primarily by the Nagios Distributed monitoring service. NSCA used by remote monitoring servers(perhaps running or not running Nagios) to submit passive check information.

Ports 12489 and 5666 need not be open to the Nagios Server, but rather from Nagios as a Client. You will likely wish to add a great deal to this list, I’ll take a stab at what you might what to use as a base.

ICMP 8 ( echo request)/ ICMP 0 (echo reply)

80/443 25 22 993 995 110 143 220 21 23 53 69

161 53