Possibility of adding long comments/links to comments


Is there a possibility in Nagios to add long comments or links to comments? I know that there is a service called “Service Comments” where you can add some text but I need something which will be more advanced. It will be used to place the information about who to call if there is a CRITICAL mistake or what to do in order to repair the problem (the exact instruction).

Or maybe there is a possibility to add some links (which will lead to the instruction) in section “Service State Information”?

Any ideas how to do this? Please, help me :).


One way to do this is to have the plugin you use for monitoring the service include support for indicating a remedial action text in the alert message body. For example, the check_db_record_count plugin I developed includes this functionality so you may want to take a look at it. You can find this plugin on nagios exchange at:

nagiosexchange.org/Databases … nagext_pi1[p_view]=779


Thanks for the help :), I’m not a programmer but I have sent it to IT department. I have also found easier way - as a comment I can enter tags onet.pl and it works great.