Preventing Nagios


Hi, Up until today I had never heard of Nagios, but now its giving me a problem.

I (unix admin) am assisting a DBA in upgrading some Oracle databases on a Solaris 9 box He called me to say that for reasons unknown, databases he was shutting down were starting up again. I saw that user ‘nagios’ appeared to be responsible and that an rsh process was starting up the DBs. I have been able to get the IP address of the box that is contacting our box to run this process, but I have no permissions on that box. What is strange about this setup is that both the DBA and myself don’t normally deal with this box / databases and the guys who do will not be available until next week.

My question is (finally) what would be the easiest way to prevent Nagios from interferring with the DBA’s work without doing any real harm. Disabling rsh or locking the nagios user? or even messing with the permissions on the /usr/local/nagios directory. Or perhaps something else altogether?

Any advice would be gratefully received.


As far as I’ve understood your Nagios from remote box start the process on your box for which you have permissions?
If is that so, you could just drop all the network activity from the remote box to your box. First that came up to my mind was to drop all packets from that remote ip with iptables on your box.