Problem checking with 2 ethernet

well i have a my nagios installed on a pc with 2 eth
eth0 =
eth1 =
well that are 2 net with 2 vpn diferents
the vpn’s is connected with some http and mail servers

i want to check the 2 vpn but i dont know how make the check_ping for the diferents eth to the same place
i mean i dont want to check the router ( or also i want to check the conection of them

check_ping the routers on the other side… :slight_smile:


I think his problem is that he doesn’t understand how to specify which interface to use with check_ping

mmmmmmmm…some like that

coz i dont know the address of the routers on the other side

do you know any of the hosts on the other side, traceroute to one of the hosts,

mmmmm…but what eth will use to check_ping
so if i want to check the vpn 172, cant check the vpn of 192 -.-

I see, he wants to ping some device and force the check_ping plugin to use both of his network cards. Of course, this would take 2 checks.
To do this, it appears you would have to modify the source code for the check_ping plugin. The file is the check_ping.c file. Modify it if you can, and make it use the -I switch for the /bin/ping command.
Right now, the check performs something like this command:
/bin/ping -n -U -c 5 localhost
I don’t know how to modify the source since I"m not a hacker, but you would add the -I to the source and then recompile the file. Give it a different name like check_ping2