Problem downloading


Hi all,
I am running CentOS 5. I was running through the Nagios Quick Start install guide and was doing fine until I got to the part that gives the “wget … 0.2.tar.gz” instruction. I attempted to run the wget and each try ‘timed out’.

I attempted to reach the site by removing the tar file at the end and just connect to through a browser and received ‘page not available’.

Is there another place that I can go to get this file?



yeah it is a bit tenuous… the webpage you are instructed to go to for the ‘latest links’ only infact gives you a download via a button press. If you examine the sourcecode on the webpage the URL that is opened for v3.0.2 is as follows: … z?download
wget may ‘follow’ this link to download the tarball from one of a variety of mirror servers. If you get no milage out of that, try and wget … 0.2.tar.gz
which is the link as advertised on sourceforge itself.