Problem with Configuration


I wanted to ask whether is there any server side setting regarding ping to work ping syntax is
ping -n -U -c 1 $HOSTADDRESS$ .

is there anythng to set in iptables or in sysctl
coz i tried changing parameters of ping_syntax in cgi.cfg but no luck i get my server down when jst service is down.and my server is pinging from prompt at tht time.

my OS is Fedora Core release 2 (Tettnang)

need help with it


stop creating new threads for the same problem over and over.



We should keep this one on top, and continue to bump it, with each new thread created. Ignoring the 3 others that we have been working on. That way, we can all forget what exactly we have tried, what the problem was, what has worked or didn’t work.

I’m not about to perform the same explanations, all over again, about cgi.cfg, ping syntax or anything else for this thread and the 3 others you have made.


hello jakkedup
I am continuing on one thread only for one problem now.