Problem with DMZ Hosts


I am in the process of setting up our Nagios server and have a little problem with servers that are inside the DMZ.

Our Nagios server is outside the DMZ and I want to monitor those servers inside the DMZ. We allowed our Nagios server access to port 12489. When we did that it no longer could make contact with the hosts inside of the DMZ BUT, it could monitor services on those computers even though the host appeared down.

Do I need to get some more ports opened up?

We tried 7, 8, 445 and it still does not work. I also tried pinging from the actual Nagios server to those inside of the DMZ and that does not work either.


port 12489 is the nsclient service port, this means we are talking about windows hosts and this means you can check the services.
the host check is usually done via the check_ping plugin, get ping to work thorugh the firewall or use some different type of host check :slight_smile: