Problem with First notification delay and passive checks


Does the first notification delay not work with passive checks? Listed below is the service template. Basically in a nutshell, we have box that checks all our channels(we are a cable company) and sends and SNMP notification to our nagios server(using a perl script) when it finds a problem. However, I get an immediate notification. I’d like to have a delay on the notification, because sometimes channels do have brief outages. Our Nagios version is: 3.0.1

define service {
use passive-check-template
name Channel_Monitor
service_description Channel_Monitor
check_period none
notification_interval 30
notification_options w,c,r,f
notification_period workhours
check_command passive_check_missing
max_check_attempts 1
check_freshness 0
stalking_options o,w,u,c
first_notification_delay 10 ;Wait 10 minutes before sending out a notification
register 0