Problem with Nagios 3.01 and old .cfg-files



We’ve been using Nagios for almost a year now and have been very satisfied. We are currently monitoring almost thousand of hosts and everything has been running smoothly. Now old dear old monitoring hardware has shown some signs of breaking up, and we’ve been forced to build up a new hardware, I’ve now installed new version of Nagios (3.01a) on this computer (Debian Linu:evil:. I’m having hard time trying to make it work with old configuration files. Most of the hosts pass the check, but all our core-routers cause following error message :

Error: A circular execution dependency (which could result in a deadlock) exists for host

What is this all about and is there any easy solution I could take in order to make our old configuration files work with new version of Nagios?

Unfortunately it doesn’t scale to re-make configuration files, of course I could try installing old version of Nagios but I’m wondering if this error message would appear with old version also?

Version we’ve been using with old hardware is 2.5

Joni Oksanen