Problem with Nagios Installation


Hello everyone,
I am trying to install Nagios-2.11 on Centos 5.1. The commands that I issued and the resulting messages are as follow:

Command-> make install-commandmode
Message-> make:*** No rule to make target ‘install-commandmode’. Stop.

Command-> make install-config
Message-> make:*** No rule to make target ‘install-config’. Stop.

Since I do not know the interpretations of these messages, I have actually stopped. Can anyone give a helping hand? I earnestly need this installation to work quickly, otherwise I will be in a big mess.




I decided to install the plugins and then went back to execute the two statements. They executed without giving error messages. At least I have moved past this blockade. I can now continue with the installation.




I recently installed configured nagios 3.0.3 in my centos 5, it works perfectly fine. Perhaps choosing nagios 3.0.3 is the best instead of 2.11 as there might be many bug fixes etc.