Problem with ndoutils


I have installed ndoutils in a 64-bit centOS-5.2 box. I just followed the steps which i used to follow while installing in 32-bit. In 32-bit box all worked fine.
But now, when I start the service ndoutils, The output is

[blockquote] Starting ndo2db:Support for the specified database server is either not yet supported, or was not found on your system. [/blockquote]

What’s wrong in that. The service ndoutils is not starting


I have given the command

./installdb -u nagios -p nagios -h localhost -d nagios

Then, the output is
Database installed successfully.

Please try to resolve this error.



Finally the problem is solved. While working on a 64 bit OS, we should compile ndoutils as follows.

./configure --prefix=/monitoring/nagios/ --enable-mysql --with-mysql-lib=/usr/lib64/mysql


This solved my problem