Problem with "Re-schedule the next check of this service"


i have a problem,
When I clik on a service into web interface I see the properties of that service (until everything is right). When i clik on the left frame the entry “Re-schedule the next check of this service” Nagios generates this error :
Error: Could not stat() command file ‘/var/lib/nagios3/rw/nagios.cmd’!
The external command file may be missing, Nagios may not be running, and/or Nagios may not be checking external commands.
An error occurred while attempting to commit your command for processing.



check the output of the configure command… there’s an option like make command-config or similar… you need to execute that. :slight_smile:


I don’t understand, can be more clear please?


did you install from RPM or from source?


I install nagios with apt-get install nagios
nagios is installed on ubuntu server9.10


just google it… … ile-debian