Problem with recompile >> 3-D Status Map statuswrl.cgi


Nagios Ver 1.2

I have edited the statuswrl.c file in the nagios source directory in an attempt to increase the current font size for my hosts in the 3-D Status Map.

Prior to recompiling I set the ./configure options to a different directory path to the working directory path. (precaution as I did’nt want to overwrite the existing nagios installation)

I have the gdfont libaries installed, and everthing appears to compile fine. I then copy the newly created statuswrl.cgi over the top of the statuswrl.cgi in the current working nagios installation.

When I attempt to browse to the 3-D Status Map page, I get the following error in my cortona vrml client console, and the page refuses to load.

“VRML file header NOT found OR unsupported encoding type”

I backed up, and recompiled with the original .c file, following the exact same process as above, and I still get the same error.

I’m guessing it my be a linking problem with the compile? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appretiated.

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