Problems with notfications via jabber and tls support


Hi All
I have a problem using the jabber notification script found at … via_jabber

First of i had to look through lousy documentation to have the script try and intialize a TLS connection to the jabber server.

After having found out how to and modified the script, when i run it from the command line it hangs.

What i modified was this:
$connection->Connect( “hostname” => SERVER,“port” => PORT ) or die
"Cannot connect ($!)\n";

To this:
$connection->Connect( “hostname” => SERVER,“port” => PORT, tls => 1 ) or die
"Cannot connect ($!)\n";

Now the script tries to establish a connection but i never get anything in my Jabber log, and the script just hans there forever.

Unfortunately i can not disable TLS, due to security reasons.

Anyone out there who have made jabber notfications work with TLS, and if that is the case…how?